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Notes from the Alumni Office

We consider our extended school community to be a family, and our desire is for you to stay connected and involved. There are many opportunities for you to use your gifts and talents and we welcome your involvement! We also want to hear from you and be updated on news of marriages, births, jobs changes, relocations, and your interactions with other VSS alumni. 

Lost Sheep are very worrisome to us. Over the years, we have lost touch with a number of alumni and would appreciate your help in tracing them, so that we may restore them to our mailing list for publications and news of events.

Class Rosters. We're digging into our archives and compiling class lists starting all the way back from the 1930s! Your help is much appreciated as we fine-tune our records, since much of our information from pre-computer days simply doesn't exist or is hard to read. 

To view the class lists, please login to your existing alumni account or create a new alumni account.

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As you scroll through the lists, which are still being compiled, please let us know any additional information you might have--deaths, graduation year (our printed yearbooks only started in the 70s), and especially email addresses. 

If you have updates to the lists, kindly email Admin@vincentsmithschool.org or call the school office (516) 365-4900. 

You can also reach out @vssalumni on Facebook or @VincentSmithScl on Twitter. Thanks!