The Vincent Smith School - A Rich History

The Vincent Smith School - A Rich History

Sit back and travel on a journey in time with the Vincent Smith School as we chronicle some of our history through sight and sound.

Enjoy photos from the School’s founding days and get a glimpse of current students and staff actively involved in the educational process.

Learn about our academic program, students and staff, clubs, admissions, etc.

The Vincent Smith School, Long Island’s premier private school for students with learning disabilities, has a rich history in the Port Washington community. The School family is currently celebrating our 92th anniversary.

We have continued the proud legacy of our founders. The Vincent Smith School is a place where it’s okay to learn differently. Students are offered differentiated instruction in small, supportive classes. Students experience academic success, emotional growth and social acceptance.

Approximately 85% of our graduates go on to college.

Vincent Smith, a school we are proud to call our own!