Vincent Smith School - Long Island, NY - It's okay to Learn Differently

To commemorate Armed Forces Day & Memorial Day, students planted flags on campus in memory and honor of the following service members and first responders:

Richard Coyle, WWII

Thomas Hayes

Capt. Luis Carlos Montalvan

Joseph Baldi

Salvatore Baldi

Rosario Baldi

Fran Alotta

Det. Steven McDonald

Unknown Soldier, WWII

Unknown Soldier, Korea

Daniel Nemeroff, Marines, WWII

Capt. Phillip Esposito

1st Cl. Damage Controlman Peter Clancy, U.S. Coast Guard

Louis & John Austin

John Burdewick

Anthony DiStefano

Alvaro Hoyos, Marine Corps.

Austin Gibbons

Robert Graham

John Nash

John Ketfas

Korean War

Ed McLaughlin

Vicente Duenas

Peter Moore

Walter Gaylor

Bernard Mieszkowski

Joseph Marchetti

Jules Jacobs


Capt. John Herger

Thomas Connolly


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