About Vincent Smith School

Located on four-and-a-half acres in suburban Port Washington, Long Island, the Vincent Smith School is a private, independent day school serving Nassau, Suffolk, and New York City students since 1924.  The School is best known for its individualized programs in grades 1-12 for students with AD/HD, or Learning Disorders such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Auditory Processing Disorders, and Language (Expressive/Receptive) Processing Disorders. 

As a New York State Board of Regents chartered school, we emphasize academic excellence while simultaneously supporting differentiated instruction, a strong home/school connection, college prep, and career counseling. 

Our Mission 

The Vincent Smith School is dedicated to providing a successful and progressive academic education in a nurturing and supportive setting for students with learning disabilities.

At the Vincent Smith School we are committed to the beliefs that:

  1. "It's Okay to Learn Differently"
  2. Students with learning disabilities are provided the necessary educational, emotional and social support to reach their highest professional and personal potential and productivity.

Our Ongoing Vision

Each day at Vincent Smith School emphasizes academic excellence combined with personal and social development. Technology, integrative activities, and interdisciplinary instruction enhance academics. Curriculum development is an ongoing process geared to each students’ unique learning styles and needs. We provide on-site, specialized speech therapy, reading help, counseling, and occupational therapy.

Vincent Smith School is a community of learners. Students learn how to learn. Our highly-trained and caring faculty and families are actively engaged in our integrated programs and multi-modal curriculum. Our graduates leave Vincent Smith School with the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently meet the challenges of post-secondary transition and beyond.

NYSAIS Accreditation

The Vincent Smith School is a member of The New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS). The NYSAIS accreditation signifies that the Vincent Smith School meets the most rigorous standards of excellence in independent school education. It also enables the Vincent Smith School to participate in professional development opportunities for faculty and staff through the extensive roster of NYSAIS conferences and workshops.